How do I join the club?
The best way to join the club is to come to the training that best reflects your level of experience and chat to the coaches about whether it is the right training for you. In general, if you are new to volleyball or looking for a casual playing environment, we recommend starting at the mixed social training. More experienced players can see our other training times posted at members.renegades.com.au or http://facebook.com/murvc

Do I have to be a University of Melbourne student to join?
No, membership is open to all ages >13 years old – not just Melbourne Uni students.

When and where are the trainings?
Please see our website (members.renegades.com.au) or Facebook page for the detailed list of 2019 Training Schedules. Trainings are at a variety of venues including the Melbourne University Sports Centre, Maribyrnong College and St Bernard’s College. Different teams train on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday nights. Trainings continue throughout university breaks, from January to November.

What do I do if I’ve missed the trials for VVL?
This will depend on the number of players selected for each team and your volleyball experience. In most cases, you will be invited to play with the mixed social training to stay involved with the club. In some cases, teams may require additional players or have availability for ‘training-only’ players. The addition of players after the trial period is at the coaches’ discretion. 

How much does it cost to join the club?
Costs depend on whether you are a student or not and whether you are playing for VVL or just training only. 
– For VVL State league the costs per year are: $337 (Melb uni students and Juniors U19), $367 (Other students), $412 (non-students)
– For Juniors playing JSL the cost per year is $310
– For training only with VVL squads the costs per year are: $222 (Melb uni students and Juniors U19), $242 (Other students), $277 (non-students)
– For mixed social training the costs per year are $207 (Melb uni student), $227 (other student), $257 (non-student)

How do I pay my fees?
You need to create an account at our website: http://www.members.renegades.com.au/
Then you’ll have access to the payment portal and be able to pay your fees.

Is it too late to join the club?
It’s never too late to the join the club – we encourage members to join at all times of year. However, there may not be capacity to train with the VVL teams. We recommend starting with the Mixed Social training. Experienced players may contact our coaches via coaches_women@renegades.com.au or coaches_men@renegades.com.au to express interest in training with VVL teams following the commencement of the season.

Do you have a beach volleyball team?
Our club is only indoor volleyball, but you can find more information about beach volleyball in Australia at http://vicbeach.com.au/